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Hello Tweeps, thought I'd share 5 bouquets from my 5 dogs and Stedman. Happy VDay wknd. spread ur love.

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2052 days ago

Hello Tweeps, thought I'd share 5 bouquets from my 5 dogs and Stedman. Happy VDay wknd. spread ur love.


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SAbdelmalak 1886 days ago

Cute :)

ashissa63 2011 days ago

wow I am sorry you get that bad stuff below you deserve the best love Ann

ashissa63 2011 days ago

I am a little late but how special!

danielapontidap 2021 days ago

goodness...after reading all these strange messages..is this your daily mail? yikes!!

Delmanuoxg 2025 days ago

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NormieSchauerq 2037 days ago

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T0NEL0NE 2038 days ago

I've never seen a bigger group of self-serving indivduals! Get over yourselves and take responsibility for ur OWN lives!

Carvalhoallex 2040 days ago

Well you could help me become famous

Carvalhoallex 2040 days ago

Or help me get out of bankruptcy?

LiveOak7 2041 days ago

Beautiful love from your 5 doggies and Stedman! What a sweet man!

funkpat 2041 days ago

Ok can we talk, first I do think you are a great women but...how dare you make they statement you made. ,not sure of your exact words, but you said that tipping 10% was a good enough of a tip. Well may I say because of that statement people listened and n

LynnetteMM 2042 days ago

That is awesome lady!! Love the OWN station..especially, "Our America" and behind the scenes, Rock on!! Love ya. Congratulations.

talented10 2043 days ago

Love,love,love how u and Stedman are finally sharing ur deep love for each other publicly. So happy for u.

jojo20to1 2045 days ago

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fabricartist21 2048 days ago

Now that is a counter of flowers if I do say so myself. I did not get a thing this year from anyone but that is ok as we do all love each other. Did the pups pick them out by themselves? LOL Love those dogs! Thanks for being You!

snuggles6 2048 days ago

Oprah, these are sooooooooooo beautiful!!! You are truly an inspiration to ALL women of the world!!! You have been my role model for MANY years and I have learned so much from you!!!1

print4ucom 2048 days ago

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authenticreel 2048 days ago

Beautifu Ms. O! My husband is out of town for work, so V-day on hold!

imfitru2 2049 days ago

Sweet! Glad u r so loved!

irismurray2 2049 days ago

Enjoy the love.. Love u here in ireland x