No Doubt


Formed in Anaheim, California in 1986, No Doubt is @GwenStefani, @TomDumontND, @TonyKanal and @AdrianYoungND.

Let the casting begin! Gx

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1665 days ago

Let the casting begin! Gx


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Para_Poems 1664 days ago

Can't wait for the next album: Peace:3 TLP

BaabeeG 1665 days ago

yOU're and inspiration to so many!! !! from.. the timid, scared, down on yourself chik to the wild Fire you've spread too as ARTisT!.. individually ; (` (hard as it may have been @ times (poor gurl) and in a whole. You are something esle Mrs. Dreamguy.

BaabeeG 1665 days ago

Cast away Babee.. Gwen Stefani.., eat ur heart out mamma.. not concerned what the cast is for as much as being invovled in anything to do with working in the likes of your self + crew.. you m'am are Amazing!... And an artist of all ARTS from Reggae inspir

EkTereskina 1665 days ago

Russia Loves You!!!Good Luck!;)

raccoonrikki 1665 days ago

gwen, youre so amazingly beautiful.

XoBabyDollXo 1665 days ago


Lamb3D 1665 days ago

Gwen Again!!! L.A.M.B. Again!!! : )

MINEMORETTI 1665 days ago

Gwen... love... love... loveeee

ninogabaldon 1665 days ago


___olga_ 1665 days ago

You are so fucking beautiful!! #justsaying

lamb83 1665 days ago

Aw,u look beautiful!Thanks 4 Tweeting,Gwen-all the fans wih you & ur team the very best as you present another AMAZING L.A.M.B. show! :)

noelmarie78 1665 days ago

I wanna!!! <3 u guys!!!

JorgeLeeEV 1665 days ago

♥! iluvu

__Stephanie___ 1665 days ago

I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

RayQ201 1665 days ago

You wanta? I'll play. I've worked with Ricky Schroeder, The "taxi" girl, Marilou Henner, and a few others. My family. Had their own band called "Compania Latina" called out for. Publication since I was 12. Did sounds and dance exhortation. I am a Las Vega

justNDgirl 1665 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing!
You look beautiful !
Poland love You :) xo <3

leticia177 1665 days ago

Gwen.. you're so f*cking hot..Brazil Loves You!

larazakk 1665 days ago

What is this audition for and where or how do you try out?

1AndiRose 1665 days ago

i wanna try out!! ur an idol of mine so Im in! ;)

Inconcertbaby 1665 days ago

How do you do it Gwen? You're able to do it all! And your heart is in it! It show! What a women! Have a wondeful time here in New York. Love, Love, Vinnie