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Just bought the coolest purple velvet loafers at hugo boss. #chic

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2168 days ago

Just bought the coolest purple velvet loafers at hugo boss. #chic


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mdsphl 2167 days ago

please wear them to the Bailey House fundraiser! i'll bid even more!

kgettingdivorce 2168 days ago

L-O-V-E!!!!!! I am want a pair!!!! Do they come in a woman's size 8????

JennnSaidWhat 2168 days ago

The Artist formerly ..and currently known as Prince would be so JEALOUS! #takethat

MisterPaulHagen 2168 days ago

I am turning positively violet with envy.

KayTeeinVA 2168 days ago

Those are pretty!!! I could wear those!

MichaelRBurke 2168 days ago

I hope you don't mind if I copy you...I think I need to buy these!

techy_homecky 2168 days ago

Can't wait to see them in the Clubhouse!

_Marci_M_ 2168 days ago

Love them,u will look cooler then u already do I've burgundy velvet Gucci ones I love.Not wearable due 2 all the dang snow

TEXASTEE100 2168 days ago

I could rock those with no problem..

BleedsHuskerRed 2168 days ago

They are Amazing! I want some in woman's!!! Purple has been my favorite color since kindergarden!

janicecoates 2168 days ago

Wonder if they come in Giggy's size...

BravoDirector 2168 days ago

Things Dat Make You Go , Hummm !

MzGoodThighs 2168 days ago

Put another 4 inches on the heel and those could be Prince's shoes!!!! LOL #luvUAndy&IwantYourJob

shopper61 2168 days ago

all you need now is an ascot and a smoking jacket! then again Andy, I think you might have them!

summermainst 2168 days ago

PatFrmMoonachie 2168 days ago

Gee, to wear those, i'd think one would have to be G..ehhh ..NE-VER-MIND! ;)

TruthSucceeds 2168 days ago

Children are hungry & I NEED a pair of Nike tennis-heels! Shame on you. #coolshoes