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Now at Google. Co-founder of Milk Inc. Ex-creative director at Digg. CSS. Design. UX. Climbing. Cycling. Chilaquiles mmm.

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1914 days ago


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Nick2iL 1829 days ago


KrypticChewie 1900 days ago

Now this is good to know, I guess.

ivan2266 1901 days ago

great idea! :D

jose_coelho 1902 days ago

Awesome. Firefox is number 2 for me. Number one...Fox Mulder. The truth is out there, somewhere.

elintruso 1911 days ago

Realmente, es para no creerlo o no-..jejeje

asantos 1913 days ago

Este es el origen del logo de FFX. Por 1ra vez el indoctrinamiento sirvio para algo.

asantos 1913 days ago

Este es el origen del logo de FB. Por 1ra vez el indoctrinamiento sirvio para algo.

sudynim 1913 days ago

Also, little known fact, the Philistines used Internet Explorer

yorkali 1913 days ago

Yeah!!! Now will someone tell me where I can get this Bible already??? :) LOL

leomtxwebmaster 1913 days ago

El origen del logo de Firefox

houseofnuke 1913 days ago


(Tunak Tunak Tun)

I have it on good authority that thing spinning around behind him from 1:26 is the source of the Google Chrome icon.

eternitygirl 1913 days ago

HA! And my friends thought I was going crazy when I saw this picture and said "firefox!" a year ago. You have to admit, its an awesome picture.

sidn3y 1913 days ago

Welp.. time to manually change the Firefox icon.

The_H_Man 1913 days ago

I still have a bible with that in it. Cool picture.

kristianramirez 1913 days ago


jbcracker 1913 days ago

Thanks for letting us know a bit about the source for Firefox!

amje 1914 days ago

Woah cool! - the whole concept that is.

drivingmenuts 1914 days ago

And Samson went and caught three hundred foxes, and took firebrands, and turned tail to tail, and put a firebrand in the midst between two tails. Just so you all know the Philistines weren't licked to death or anything.

chrissyeliza 1914 days ago

no way! :D thats my favorite story from the bible. heehee.

silverfang77 1914 days ago

What an awesome picture! I don't remember Samson using foxes to conquer the Philistines, but what a cool inspiration!