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1904 days ago Today Anderson Cooper was a special guest on Fashion Finder... Check it out!


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5xs_the_density 1757 days ago

Gosh, I really like this picture. Why does Anderson want his own show, when he can work half as hard and have twice the fun?

5xs_the_density 1839 days ago

Still the best picture, ever.

5xs_the_density 1867 days ago

Hey , do me a favor & host Live W/ this week. Maybe ask Ivanka Trump to help you.

JudyTJP 1890 days ago

How 'adoringly' AC looks at K! Very sweet ;-)

kyleRok 1894 days ago

Now to get Anderson Cooper to dance!

Dyaus_Piter 1895 days ago

Thank you, Kelly Ripa. You were very sweet to me. I wish you great happiness.

5xs_the_density 1899 days ago

Kelly, you should copyright this picture, but make the faces removable. That way, everyone can be looked at AC360 that way. Or we can gaze at you adoringly.

Dyaus_Piter 1900 days ago

Why do you have so much energy, Kel? What’s your secret? Black tar heroin?

Kramer1989 1900 days ago

Kelly Ripa is MORE SEXY than any lady of ANY AGE on TV! ACCEPT IT Kelly, we've all voted. lol

Dyaus_Piter 1901 days ago

Your “Allure” photos are very sexy, Kel. But not the only sexy photos you’ve done. In fact, most photos of you are sexy. Whether you realize it or not.

Dyaus_Piter 1902 days ago

I ♥ you, Kelly Ripa! Will you be my valentine? With benefits?

Kramer1989 1902 days ago

Anderson is thinking Kelly Ripa is the CUTEST most ADORABLE lil lady ever.

Dyaus_Piter 1902 days ago

You’re completely wrong about Kelly Ripa. There’s nothing phony or obnoxious about her. Kelly Ripa is a lovely human being. Your bashing of her is unjust. You owe Kelly Ripa an apology.

Dyaus_Piter 1902 days ago

Perhaps you’ve been reading the tabloids. And you believe them. The tabloids make up lies that Kelly and Regis don’t like each other. Anyone that watches “Live!” regularly can see that that is nonsense.

Dyaus_Piter 1902 days ago

I see no evidence that Kelly Ripa is OBSESSED with gay guys. She just likes them. She has shown similar love for a few straight guys. Like Mario Lopez.

Kramer1989 1902 days ago

Yes, Kelly Ripa is BEAUTIFUL without makeup. Thanks poppyred28 for sharing BEAUTIFUL pic. LOL

5xs_the_density 1902 days ago

So much love in this picture, it may create world peace AND cure cancer.

5xs_the_density 1902 days ago

Doesn't Anderson have something better to do than wait for Kelly after the show (Egypt?). I guess he's smitten like the rest of us.

poppyred28 1903 days ago