Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

The only time I ever appeared in public as Spock. Medford,Oregon Pear Blossom Festival. 1967 ?   LLAP

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1562 days ago

The only time I ever appeared in public as Spock. Medford,Oregon Pear Blossom Festival. 1967 ? LLAP


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rcsmiley049 1290 days ago

Sorry I missed that. I was in high school still.

jedikat71 1290 days ago

Lovely picture. LLAP

DaniJMNZ 1293 days ago

oiga ud es el abuelo del niƱo de #los80 ??

andreadenver 1303 days ago

I love this picture. I think Spock is beautiful.

gordybbrown 1338 days ago

Well, in another 6 years you could come back to Medford for your 50th anniversary of the first appearance. I run this race often and would love to host your return.

jimbulian 1364 days ago

You must have turned down a zillion offers.

TheSim321 1410 days ago

Live Long and prosper!

ikarik77 1460 days ago

what about the story of you in new york where no one noticed?

brentrjones 1494 days ago


mikedeveloper 1498 days ago


WilliWiegand 1511 days ago

amazing photo. You look like me on this pic!!!

vollvorne 1529 days ago

yea gud old times =) the legend!

karmapics 1532 days ago

Ahhh, the age of innocence, before intellectual-property lawsuits and stalkers and celebrity memorabilia whores. And look, you're smiling!

mickjax 1537 days ago

aaahhh soooo young!! but forever hansome tho!

xKeny 1539 days ago

ReMinds the episode were you and William travel
into the past to fix the timeline. Without The blue Hat
llap cheers:)

Smartiecats 1539 days ago

But your Spock here has broken down into his more human emotions and is SMILING. I wish I'd been there to see it. :)

PamelaEdwards39 1540 days ago

Great picture. Love it.

Indyleerogers 1541 days ago

You were my favorite character, and I'd just like to say : thank you for your wonderful performance all those years!

Indyleerogers 1541 days ago

You changed my life for the better with your role as Spock. You were the only one fit for the role :-)