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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Swords and robots? Yes, please! #fromset #Mythbusters

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1568 days ago

Swords and robots? Yes, please! #fromset #Mythbusters


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MarianoBryant 1567 days ago


direspawn 1568 days ago

I don't want to blow up anyone's spot here, but that's not a real tie...

atesvarmikank 1568 days ago

It's a sword. But why?

leoaxe123 1568 days ago


andy_hc 1568 days ago

wow did i just spelled Kari's name wrong? I guess my life wont be spared when you take over world

andy_hc 1568 days ago

Oh its another one of those World Domination machines. Cary looks satisfied with it. Good work!

dmoorhouse 1568 days ago

I need some veggies chopped please...

madelline_ 1568 days ago

I'm curious what will that myth say :D God, I wish I could visit Jamie's workroom..

Moony_Mom 1568 days ago

Looks like you're in for a fun afternoon... :-)

tzankoff 1568 days ago

Looks incredibly awesome...and so does the robot! :-)

Andrew_the_Odd 1568 days ago

Those are some ironic shorts :/

edward_II 1568 days ago

Oww!! Amazing!! I Love Mythbusters!! When this episode will be released? Thanx!

zzazazz 1568 days ago

I love these behind the scenes photographs y'all share with us.

Nrangers 1568 days ago

Oh Please Dont Let That Hit Her!!

pjdprime 1568 days ago

More sword myths, or a revisit?

Buttertrtaholic 1568 days ago

Thank goodness you people only use your powers for good.....