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Buffetson Chewart @jastewart15 crushing Dominos Pizza while rocking his Braun gear.

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2084 days ago

Buffetson Chewart crushing Dominos Pizza while rocking his Braun gear.


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BMaahs 2083 days ago

Kind of ironic that Buffetson is crushing Dominoes in front of the "FAT!" J-Russ

JoeGr 2083 days ago

you need to use more of the Brawn swag and less of the Domminos swag.

manube44 2084 days ago

Chic-Filetson Mountaindewart--Are those moles on your face, or did you dive headfirst into the pizza and get red pepper flakes on your mug?

DezertEez 2084 days ago

Steakson Beef Stewart

GarricBates 2084 days ago

Chewart bout to wrap chocolate lava cake in pizza #itoldpercyiddothis

myseiborg 2084 days ago

Normally my domino's pizza guy puts the pizza in a box and is wearing corporate gear!! Nice Domino's Friday beard Pastrayson Cheezurt!!

SportsGuyUTI 2084 days ago

One fat loser standing in front of a picture of another fat loser. Wash that meal down with some Purple Drank!

GAP619 2084 days ago

The eyes on JRus won't stop following those slices and that Vday Choc cake.

DeanNoLongerInO 2084 days ago

Great picture of J-Stew after his 5th trip to the pizza boxes.

DadEFresh 2084 days ago

Nice Jay-Stew, good brunch!

VIVA_TB 2084 days ago

stew looks like professor kingbean from the movie richie rich

bvincent91 2084 days ago

Jamarcus Russell looks awfully jealous.

spv79 2084 days ago

I think one of his moles fell off onto his plate!

CraigFullOClout 2084 days ago

Double meat with cheese? another helping please!!!

ChaseChildress 2084 days ago

JStew, what the hell is the brown thing on your plate, guy?

ramoe 2084 days ago


arlasko 2084 days ago

I see 2 balls in that picture, fortunately none of them are Pizzafaceon Gorgonzolert's

jackiecav1 2084 days ago

Tell that fullerton grad to get back to work, snacktimeout MY PIE IS GETTING COLD

tampacali 2084 days ago

What? No 5 Hour Energy hat for the product placement trifecta?

matthusband 2084 days ago

Is that a Shitake Mushroom on his plate?