Chris Daughtry


Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

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2619 days ago


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zoicberg 2385 days ago


alika72 2392 days ago

Reminds me of Borat..LOL!!!! Ur hilarious!!!!!!!!

tzibell 2430 days ago

great pic....

have a great day, love the girl from Lansing MI, in the front row with the only sign. thanks for shaking my hand... lol xoxoxoxo

irishgirljess 2462 days ago

Lookin like Steve-o there!

cheerfie 2523 days ago

I wish I had that much energy :)

aprilloveskevin 2542 days ago

all these other fans are just blowing smoke about this pic of you! let's be realistic - PLEASE don't do that - looks gay! hehehehe LOL

Kendall__G 2570 days ago

OMG YOUR DOING THE BORAT!!!! I LOVE IT/YOU SO MUCH!! ;) xoxo Kendall Columbus, OH

chellesewell 2591 days ago

This is why I love amazing..

brittanymichx39 2593 days ago

you are amazingly good looking.

DJKelly515 2604 days ago


zuni_cat 2605 days ago

cool dude now get to work lol

Glitter_Rebel 2612 days ago

Well don't you look all cheeky you must've really liked it

mommymeuh 2614 days ago

Stop messin' around and finish your album already!!!lol...having major Daughtry withdrawl! Waiting for album AND tour-see u in MPLS!!!!

kaycee1166 2616 days ago

Very Nice.... Can't wait to hear some more of your music I just loved the first CD patiently waiting on some more

Alicia_ann 2616 days ago

so stoked for the new music!

swooshgoddess15 2617 days ago

miss you guys!!! can't wait for the new single to drop... goin to watch idol for that debut! :)

nina1918 2617 days ago

OMG It is never a DULL moment with u!!!!! LOL

chrismc818 2617 days ago

Very enthusiastic!!! Glad you enjoyed it! Lose the damn AE hat...the Hurley one is more you! xo

Boys848692 2618 days ago

You look awesome as usual!
I am so glad you and your family got this opportubity!
Waitin for your new MUSIC!

usdlynnpet 2619 days ago

Love the smile.
"2 Enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine Holiday Fun!" -Clueless