Elijah Wood


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1991 days ago


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winchestergurl 1976 days ago

cannot wait to see the magic appear on screen once Peter weaves his magic again!

TeresaDRose 1987 days ago

Coolioo. Reminds me of my favorite pirate ride. =)

FakeMustacheMe 1989 days ago

Treasure of Elijah's Empire =)

SimmerBaggins 1989 days ago

Okay, this is Jamaica, the pirate's (Blackbeard's) cave! Treasure in the cave...

Bella_Marie_H 1990 days ago

That's a Treasure

ddritzenhein 1990 days ago

Sunken Treasure

loli_carvalho 1990 days ago


Perceivela 1990 days ago

I bet it's from "Treasure Island". Precious ;]

Majek015 1991 days ago

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weepaulie 1991 days ago

Pretty!! I'm so looking forward to this. Especially BG:)

russian_bell 1991 days ago

treasure of Gollum. Ring only was his most favorite part of all this))

SaraOlga9791 1991 days ago

Похоже это с острова сокровищ ;)

Patrick487 1991 days ago

I can't wait to see this movie! and you with beard :-D

9ladybugs 1991 days ago

Wow! Hoarding again are we?

KuanQia 1991 days ago

I thoght you were in Puerto Rico? This looks like Tresure Island...

drschaos 1991 days ago


HuggerTree 1991 days ago

No I think it's from filming pirates of the caribbean ;)

naryaasha 1991 days ago

Is that from filming Hobbit? :P