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I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!

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2132 days ago

I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!


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IsabelCirilli 2127 days ago

Aww! haha

shamikahatchett 2127 days ago

prince dont u he just wont his dick sick

SelinaheartbrkR 2129 days ago

Yay oh, ya do what men tell you or get lost. U should be used to it by now. You want to be in the spotlight, what do you expect?

DanielaFlores94 2130 days ago

happy 4 u Kim :)

Mr_89th 2130 days ago

How does it feel being stared at by millions of ppl and them just looking at you like the piece of meet that u r. I'll admit ur a filet mignon but a piece of meat u stii r. :/

avandie17 2130 days ago

I agree with Clay, Kim is beautiful and you look simply darling in that dress. I believe some people just hate on you Kim. Keep doing your thing girl!!

Trochemoche 2130 days ago

If I were you, I would have shaken my big ass on stage. Shy??? Please..You're practically a porn star.

curlyseahorse 2130 days ago

im in the UK and some radio presentators just played a clip of this and were feeling sorry for you because you froze, bless. you look beautiful though!! :)

clayconlon 2131 days ago

Stop being mean people. Kim your hot shit and every one loves you just me the most of course :-)

Janiehco8 2131 days ago

Prince was just playing with u. He was kidding . U did great

erikaarellanes 2131 days ago

when he brings u onstage next time just shake ur booty atleast

missgettingit 2131 days ago

U r so pretty kim keep doing ur thing!!!!!

marianavam 2131 days ago

you look so nervous! but always fabolous!

GuideAll 2131 days ago

Cmon Kim, you've been with a couple bruthas already , you should known next time to get ya boogy on, gurl~!],, don't hesitate!

dianasanchez11 2131 days ago

HAha.. guys stop being mean..

ShanDevine 2131 days ago


Mojomanley1 2131 days ago

Def agree you guys need to quite hatin just cause shes rich and Fine and ur not go get a life and stop looking at her if you think shes a dumb 8itch cause 90 percent of america loves her!

jimathai 2131 days ago

Shes famous for being FINE! People should really stop hating on her makes you look silly.

OverAchieva 2131 days ago

People should chill wit da negative comments about Kim.She deserves respect, please give it 2 her

MAD_69 2131 days ago

Dumb 8itch is famous for doing what exactly? Prince should have thrown you back in the gutter