Chris Daughtry


Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

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1905 days ago


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micheleangelia 1899 days ago

Caught him in the knick of time!!

sumrgal8 1904 days ago

Nice work Chris you finally got him to sit still. I like the blue shoes. They are very nice and that's my favorite color!!

jodiracanati 1904 days ago

so he really sits still LOL
great picture

tonya872 1905 days ago

haha...that's funny! he looks like he's havin a hard time doin it, but he's doin it!

basha1 1905 days ago

So ya glued him to the chair huh, cool

Shae_C 1905 days ago

Hey JP!!! lovin this picture :) how did you ever get him to be still? lol

JojoRigby 1905 days ago

Yay, you msnaged to get JP... good job Chris. :o)

JudyC_inOhio 1905 days ago

Nice shoes!!! Hey JP!!! thanks for sharing, see ya in OHIO!!! :).

Jill_C 1905 days ago

His butt's glued to the chair isn't it? Thanks for capturing the man for us :) Love ya JP!

mommybrina 1905 days ago

His fingers are still blurry! LOL JP needs to lay off the caffeine! ;)

Lisa2994 1905 days ago

Thats a great pic.. I usually end up with blurry ones anyway because I am moving too I love how you guys get so into it! :)

CattLondon 1905 days ago

YOU DID IT!! You got him !! lmao. Looks like he's about to lunge though! Good job Chris! hahaha. Love you JPEEEEEE!! ;)

HoldinMyHorsies 1905 days ago

A JP pic ~ Alright! Nice shoes, brotha! Been thinking of Kara and baby Max lots - hope the family is doing well. :)

tilina 1905 days ago

hot! :)

gottaloveem 1905 days ago

Saaaweeeettt JP!

scmonkeyshine 1905 days ago

That's funny! The first thing I noticed was JP's shoes and it looks like I'm not the only one!

AmyInPA 1905 days ago

JP!!! I love the shoes! Nice pic Chris..=)

supahstah05 1905 days ago

Yay JP! Love the shoes!