The awkward moment when...

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2171 days ago

The awkward moment when...


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noctivagus666 2074 days ago

The rubber broke :)

SargentaPimenta 2075 days ago


LilMissGolden 2076 days ago

poor thing XD

SuperSwiftGomez 2086 days ago

LOL!! hahah XD!

servingbieber 2111 days ago


shawty303JB 2117 days ago

-no bunny was harmed in the making of this video- ;)

LadyGenie_ 2127 days ago

someone bursts your bubble.

omybieber37 2127 days ago

aww he/she was just trying to have fun haha

coymistress87 2128 days ago

super awkward!! lol

1DBiebsterr 2143 days ago

Hahahahahhaha, oh my gosh xD

BeMyLoveBiebs 2152 days ago


deepgleam 2152 days ago


huge_lea_fan 2152 days ago

Oh wow! He popped her ballon!!! Baaahahah!! That must have been a shocker for the poor bunny!!

TiaaB_ 2152 days ago


SophieJayneJE 2153 days ago

LMAO!!!! ;) xx

cheekieJBmonkie 2154 days ago

HAHAH OMG! that's sooooo funny :) LMAOOO! oh goshh :))))))))))

hannahpat23 2156 days ago

awww poor baby.

sweetbiebsdream 2158 days ago

aaawww poor rabbit......hahahahahaa)))

AllTimeAyanna 2158 days ago


imakillyourass 2158 days ago

haahah so funny ....!! XD