Jennette McCurdy


Sorry I'm so sarcastic. I feel really bad about it.

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1971 days ago


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naomealopra 1633 days ago

\/I laughed

xlovegood 1845 days ago

Haha the guys like "Don't hit me" U should go "Like pow" *hits him*

Torik5 1845 days ago

Woah, gorgeous acoustic! Aw, this makes me miss my guitar more... Ur hair looks cute, too. :)

jnguy2 1928 days ago

who is that???????????

samigirl112 1928 days ago

who is that

Veil59 1944 days ago

hey! i can teach you how to play that!!!

georgiabrewin 1951 days ago

whats going on here? did he really annoy you so you decided to whack him ound the head with your guitar? YOU GO SISTA!

AnatineTawdry 1956 days ago

I'm not sure if you know this, but you're holding it the wrong way.

VAandre 1959 days ago

I want to be his friend (: miss

blue200 1960 days ago

What are you tring to do with it and who is that???Justcuriosity.

Coolstuffbien 1968 days ago

Good times ;D

Grramo 1969 days ago

the guitar is the best .. c. cool.. I thing ..

MrsCatwoman 1970 days ago

he´s cute :D

rosamb44 1970 days ago


andreali6 1971 days ago

pretty hot stalker

kelzfosho 1971 days ago

LOL now I'm on the computer and I can see it. Colton is most definitely a creeper. :P But an awesome creeper, who is very good at arm wrestling. Hah. :)

JennDiala 1971 days ago

lol looks fun

Hiagoelias 1971 days ago

funny :D

juxalberto 1971 days ago

hahaha!! nice!!

MZHOLLYW00D 1971 days ago

at least he's hot!