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#simul-pic (better late than never)

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1633 days ago

#simul-pic (better late than never)


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PandaJackie 1628 days ago

Haha that girl said "Big hands. O_o" Haha true, but sexy. :)

PandaJackie 1628 days ago

OMJ! You got Alex! :D Ahhh he's amazing! <3 My gosh my gosh that guy is sexy. <3

VanesaIvanna 1632 days ago

big hands o.O

ThecrazedHSfan 1632 days ago

That's hilarious

helenbeall 1632 days ago

I love your smile (:

iHeartNickJ4evr 1632 days ago

hahahah...Joe hand :P love Alex :)

_manuhappy 1632 days ago

hahha so cute :D

HereComesVi 1633 days ago

Haha i love your face Alex ! So funny :P (Oh, hey Joe ! I mean.. hey Joe's hand..)

PandaJackie 1633 days ago

OMJ!!! Haha JOE's hand... <3 :D Love you guys! Follow me?? :) Btw Alex is my gave from HS. <3

BeccaKositzke 1633 days ago

i see Joe's hand. :D but seriously, this picture is gorgeous.<3

Itsalrighthere 1633 days ago

looks so good. That's right? I do love Joe's mobile, really haha <3

MrsDanger89 1633 days ago

thanks for the smile i see you :D

HereWithJonasx3 1633 days ago

I SPY :) <3

TeamJonasCanada 1633 days ago

PS. I spy ' phone! ;D

Purpleouss 1633 days ago

I love it!!!!! haha his smile made me laugh

TiffDillard 1633 days ago

Such a fun loving pic of Alex! :)

jbfever4eva10 1633 days ago

Gorgeous! Hey I can see hand :)

JBrosHonorSduh 1633 days ago

awwwww this is so cute i love your smile :)

dancerautumn 1633 days ago

:) <3

Emily_Zoe 1633 days ago