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Welcome Embry Lotus Blais !!!

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1833 days ago

Welcome Embry Lotus Blais !!!


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J891206 1832 days ago

Aww so cute! Congrats Rich and Jazmin!! :D..and welcome baby Embry! ♥

susanbellnc 1832 days ago

Beautiful girl. Congrats. (Would have been my mom's 75th birthday. Kinda neat that.)

plantflowers 1832 days ago

Congratulations to you & your family, & good health to baby's Mom!

rhatpack 1832 days ago

tutorlisakay, THANK YOU! i was about to say the same thing. it's a GIRL, people. how rude. lemmings.

honeycombs76 1832 days ago

Tutor - was just getting ready to say the same thing. Congrats to the Blais family!

tutorlisakay 1832 days ago

OMG you people are nuts. Embry is a girl! Stop calling HER him!

AdvisorGirl 1832 days ago

Well done! OK - wait - he's so pink he's more like a perfect medium rare. Congrats!

seanie_boy 1833 days ago

Mazel tov!

lisapaynchirico 1833 days ago

CONGRATZ!!! Weight? Height? He looks like a big boy...Big BEAUTIFUL boy!

bethjderamo 1833 days ago

Congratulations!!! Yay Baby Blais!!!!

Redawna 1833 days ago

Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!

Nic_Leigh 1833 days ago

Welcome to the world, newest Baby Blais! Congratulations, Richard & family! :)

billpena 1833 days ago

Congratulations! Baby Blais! Your life will never be the same.

sofi0518 1833 days ago

Congrats! He is beautiful! Here's hoping that when he's 3, he eats more than chicken nuggets!

momdmbfan 1833 days ago

BeeUteFull, way to blaze, Blais !!!

dramamamakim 1833 days ago

Congratulations to my fave Top Chef! I know Embry will be having the BEST baby food ever!

SadieandCompany 1833 days ago

Congrats!! What a cute baby!

Sisrl 1833 days ago

Wow seems you just told us you were at the hospital. Glad baby is here and so beautiful. Congrats

Heathyr_Wynne_L 1833 days ago

Oh, and LOVE the name! So pretty!

Heathyr_Wynne_L 1833 days ago

Beautiful baby, wow! Congratulations to your family!