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Nice socks, Asshole

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1364 days ago

Nice socks, Asshole


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Vicvicvictoria 1216 days ago

Sweet Doug!

Cherylepsmd 1329 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20

dasparadoxon 1362 days ago

at least its not his bleeding asshole again :)

zoso64 1362 days ago

looks wasted,was the dog with courtney love last night?

NoGodsInk 1362 days ago

Why do people always post pictures of their fucking pets? He is kinda cute. Awwwwwww

nitebug 1363 days ago

Nice if you like striped socks. Why is the dog an asshole?

DannyS365 1363 days ago

Poor Thang.

gregoriodelao 1363 days ago

cute pooch. queensland blue healer? by the way- i think you are so... fucking funny.

stevehuston1 1363 days ago

They sure aaarrrrrgggggghhhhh!

MikeNato 1363 days ago

someones a Hipsta

TallDude7 1363 days ago

Totenkopf socks? might be a subliminal message

SunGoldHALO 1363 days ago

Poor wittle feller those socks were so ugly and stinky knock him out I hope he dialed 911

TroutSkin 1363 days ago

Doug got in to the Ether socks again.

vincepecoraro 1363 days ago

awwww! How cute. Dogs rule.

RichinMN 1364 days ago

Who would give a dog only 2 socks? They have 4 paws!

alvogeljr 1364 days ago

I'm in the mood for Taco Bell.

redmotor79 1364 days ago

He deserves a tea bagging for that.

MxxxVVxxxM 1364 days ago

we've caught the elusive chupacabra napping in it's habitat. Notice the "socks" it brings into it's den...

SheriLouWho 1364 days ago

Sweet pirate dreams, dear Duck!

ColinKunzli 1364 days ago

Somehow everyone missed the serious issue here. Never mind the socks, THAT DINGO ATE YOUR BABY.