Ashlee Simpson Wentz


this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

Eating spicy naughty food with @socialstylela missing "2 of our friends"

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2032 days ago

Eating spicy naughty food with missing "2 of our friends"


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Magdazuimb 1997 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20

AmandaJay93 2003 days ago

"skank pic" LOL!!! Best come-back ive seen yet

Messy_Jessy13 2005 days ago

wow! atleast Ash has photos of HERSELF on here, not some downloaded skank pic. and for the record, She is beautiful =]

FilipeTerrellm 2009 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

Panic_Effect83 2010 days ago

Why are you being soo nasty? You have no idea what is going on in her life.

ferchiiez 2012 days ago

si no le entiendes pues en espaƱ seas envidiosa,quedas peor mejor callada das lastima

ferchiiez 2012 days ago

omg! someone are jelous of ashlee!! jajaja obviusly,she is PERFECT!!

Emmakate22 2012 days ago

OI puhpuhpuhpimpin (slag) ASHLEE IS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! youre obviously jelous, you nasty person :@

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2020 days ago

Why would I want to be her? What the hell
Does she have! Just sayin

AmandaJay93 2020 days ago

Yeah for someon who dosnt like her you do spend a lot of time commenting about her, maybe you wish you were here and your not so thats why you hate her, just sayin'

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2022 days ago

Bebe and petes baby would be so cute, it would be a little pete awww, .....All lot of time?? It takes to seconds to write and post Brooke , learn about it!

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2024 days ago


BrookeBamBam 2024 days ago

For someone who hates Ashlee so much, you're sure spending a lot of time on her page.

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2025 days ago

Val look at her face in this pic , she's a dried out whore who's only famous cause of her gay ass older SOS who, shouldn't even be famous, in other words, Ashley Simpson sucks WOLF PUSSY, Pete wentz was WAY tooo Hot for her, but now maybe he'll have a kid

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2025 days ago

Cause she sucks lol

vdiddy81 2025 days ago

You're so full of hate. WHY?

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2025 days ago

You look like shit , no wonder why Pete cheated on your nasty ass

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2027 days ago

If he did, it should have been assley NOT him!!!!

FadedYouthBlog 2027 days ago

From the AP: Pete Wentz Has Commited Suicide at 31. [AP/New York City] Just one day after announcing his split from wife Ashlee Simpson, roc...

puhpuhpuhpimpin 2027 days ago

Wow You make courtney love look cute, look at your chin!!! Yuck!! Why would you let this picture get posted??? You are so nasty, you look like you smell like shit! Your son is ugly as well , you both look like a crack head old man, lmfao