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Tech N9ne/ Aaron Dontez Yates of Strange Music Inc. Has dropped 10 studio albums over a span of 11 years. Get the latest news at my

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dramahiphop 1597 days ago


Gscept 1597 days ago

Remember!!! Tech Ain't going Mainstream.... The Mainstream Is Going Tech!!!

richieb1130 1606 days ago

forget wat ppl sayn dont go main stream n..jus do wat u feel n wats gona get u more green

TheRealSonik 1611 days ago

Dont go mainstream tech, alot of killa klownz out here is losing it bro

Shell_Bell87 1611 days ago


Luey_B 1618 days ago

All that *Tech hatred* is got y'all soundin' like some BITCH'S PLAYA'S! I can't wait to hear this song & hope.. hope it's put on both their CD's! Im'ma listen to it on both! Damn, this just reminded me to go cop a new copy of *Caribou Lou** #IsItGoldY

xHardCorexx 1620 days ago

Is it just me, or does Lil Wayne look stoned?

FreakyMsViv 1620 days ago

Classic I love this pic TECH lick you all over!! Wayne oooowweee

Ethan_ol 1620 days ago


liltechn9ne91 1625 days ago


nuthouse67 1632 days ago

I like lil wayne too but Tech, u da best ! Plz dont gwt soft on us on da track with lil wayne.

kodoDS 1632 days ago

Young god Young devil..

JanelleTiton 1634 days ago


Crooked_I 1634 days ago

Tech WTF u doin? Lil Wayne is a fuckin bitch who can't rap...

txprincessX0 1635 days ago

TWO best rappers? Wayne can't touch him, there is no comparison. At least we know half the song will be good.

simpilycheralyn 1635 days ago

Hahah does anybody recognize whats in lil wayes hand

bnizzle326 1636 days ago

ur the greatest tech n9ne

Victoriax19 1636 days ago

No! Your the underground shit, should stay that way for the best. But whatevr if u do this, I still lstn. Membr F.T.I.

JesseJames_A 1636 days ago

damn, hell yeah, bout time u get yo shine, been a fan since Anghellic(soundtrack to a special time in my life) finally the world is gonna see the beautiful beast that is Tech N99999999999999ne!

ponchpi 1637 days ago

blood in, blood out