Jill Wagner


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2066 days ago


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breespawn 2065 days ago

hmmm, whose that next to you?

gotobob 2065 days ago

Now that's a pic. I don't feel too bad east coast's having a heat wave this weekend. Paparazzi alert: Jill in Bahamas with unknown male seen ignoring each other. Is there trouble in paradise?

mr7864 2065 days ago

Don't cook too long. Think skin. What r u listening to?

thunderfalcon01 2065 days ago

ahhhh..my friend sending love from the Island...ditto..lots of love back at ya!! *wink*

umassjsp 2065 days ago

You should come to Cape Cod this summer for the best beaches in the World. Actually Nantucket has the best beaches...and the highest prices. Dave Dameshek still talks about you on his podcast. Scott from Cape Cod

dhoelcher 2065 days ago

WAKE UP!!! And tweet tweet tweet, songbird!!!


delta44 2065 days ago

Jill, thanks for sharing with us.

cubiche83 2065 days ago

is that your dad over there?

cubiche83 2065 days ago

nice view

sifuanthony 2066 days ago

Ok...so now, I am totally missing the beach! :) Have fun!

Rayne_S 2066 days ago

Aloha baby......Jamaica man.....hehehe...Ya look good Jill. Loves ya xoxox

kwaltermd 2066 days ago

More beach pictures please!

culbrich29 2066 days ago

Is that John Henson next to you?

Buckeyejw 2066 days ago

Nice Shades!

Adoresixtyfour 2066 days ago

What tunes are you listening to while you relax on the beach (and look fabulous while doing so)?

dhoelcher 2066 days ago

What b the temp there, Mustang Gal?

LobsterJustin 2066 days ago

those are some very, very, nice shades :-) . hope your having fun! :-) :-D

dhoelcher 2066 days ago

Wowzey!!! Maybe Anchorage can wait till next year!!!

kochow 2066 days ago

Interesting design on the glasses.

MagikRat 2066 days ago

Dig those crazy shades :-)