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2001 days ago


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photochick83 2000 days ago

Very sad day. My parents were both in their early teens and thought very highly of JFK as a president. They've taken us (my brother and I) here and it honestly gives me chills. The museum is an amazing tribute to one of the worst tragedies of the 20th ce

tony12222 2001 days ago

Not too grassy. ( : Will you and Reggie Bush appear at the NFL experience tomorrow? My kids are dying to meet you'all

kailandry 2001 days ago

Would you believe the best suspect is Woody Harrelson's dad?!!

17teamjacob 2001 days ago

There might have been a second gunman! They're still looking into it, but this is so cool!

Tomcroney 2001 days ago

Drew= there was no 2nd gunman! It was only one gunman- Lee Harvey Oswald.. but it sure is a pretty pic

tvuillemot 2001 days ago

Can't see the X that marks the spot on the road. What a morbid tourist location.

des5469w 2001 days ago

Not too "grassy" right about now!

flaiss87 2001 days ago

that's creepy!

HabitatMexico 2001 days ago

Drew great view! bad memories... greetings from Mexico!!

boone47 2001 days ago

I still fell the chills down my spine when I heard the radio report that awful day. I have drivng that area numerous times and it still brings that horrible feeling to the pit of my stomach. I was 15 years old....and I remember like yesterday.

rambin13 2001 days ago

Gives chills more than the cold weather. The museum there is a must see.

coachB1526 2001 days ago

That it a sad historical place you took a picture of. Ominus.

HDSpringerRider 2001 days ago

Yikes...looks very cold in Big D!