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This just happened. #GlennBeck

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2178 days ago

This just happened. #GlennBeck


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nissen095 2176 days ago

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bradvachal 2177 days ago

and I thought Sauron was evil before.

PcolaBucsfan 2177 days ago

Don4004 2178 days ago

The nicest thing one could say about Beck is that he's a clown.

McKGraKucPauNad 2178 days ago

glenn beck
aipac neocon
all israel all the time
sell and protect 9/11 scam

KenofGhastria 2178 days ago

I do not ask for pardon, for the Black Speech of Murdoch may be heard in every corner of the West!

EmilyLozano 2178 days ago

This will be great documentation for his mental health professionals in the (near) future.

Spike_is_Gaijin 2178 days ago

And this Ladies & Gentlemen; is what happens if you play too much World of Warcraft!

PirateWench 2178 days ago

OMG!! Now Beck's taking over Hogswarts too!

_matilda__ 2178 days ago

oh no!! ..wth, and was he talking about egypt?

kkyarb 2178 days ago

I put on my wizard hat and robe...

TurboKitty 2178 days ago

He thinks he's Moses parting the Red Party