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Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.

Can you FEEL that fuckin' gloom? I've never felt more at home. #portland

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2000 days ago

Can you FEEL that fuckin' gloom? I've never felt more at home. #portland


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Chevarie63j 1998 days ago

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xatrax 1999 days ago

They're threatening some sun with our rain tomorrow. I'm sorry. With any luck, we'll get gloom only

kagl15 1999 days ago

welcome to portland. we are excited to have you here, i'm glad the weather suits you

palmerblues 1999 days ago

Good, make that GREAT vampirin' weather!

JediBeadles 1999 days ago

That building lets u reach the gloom, then huck urself off to kill urself in front of Mnt Sadness

LongAleBrew 1999 days ago

what's up with that random building being all ' hey, I'm tall and shit' ?

spinfisher 1999 days ago

Great to see another William and Mary'er enjoyin' the awesome gloom!

nuclearjew 2000 days ago

That's a right sunny day round these parts.

DavidEWarren 2000 days ago

I guess you will be at Powell's soon. Can you sign my audible download of Zombies?

Rebekahdg 2000 days ago

Shhhh, don't dis my home... it could look like this.

eflester 2000 days ago

That's not gloom, it's a nice warm blanket.

aVeryEasyTarget 2000 days ago

The big pink tower of power. Are you strolling around?

ocularnervosa 2000 days ago

You are welcome to it. This is the first above freezing day of this week and I'm loving it.