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That's one hell of a cyclone if it can do that! (from CNN News in the USA) #TCYasi

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2176 days ago

That's one hell of a cyclone if it can do that! (from CNN News in the USA) #TCYasi


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macpunc 2175 days ago

heh heh heh

t_b_jackson 2176 days ago


Yamatji_Woman 2176 days ago

Tassie's had a name transplant LOL!......whatsername64..do you wash dishes?

div8 2176 days ago

another hoax?!

StrawbSuicide 2176 days ago

I think that can go in the category of Epic Fail.

shadowkizzed 2176 days ago

what the *F* how can any one be that stupid!? lol funny tho!

MarkGreenmantle 2176 days ago

Ok guys, send another crate of drop bears and hoop snakes to CNN.

petitmiamdinner 2176 days ago


Whatsername1964 2176 days ago

I'm a Yank & not surprised at all by this. Oz, PLEASE adopt me. I'll take a cyclone over stupidity

Tara_Moss 2176 days ago

CNN relocates Queensland. Excellent reporting. #TCYasi

Torchwood_Aust 2176 days ago

Oh good grief - SERIOUSLY???? #cnnfail - what a stupid mistake - UGH :(

AKdavedownunder 2176 days ago

Methinks someone at CNN News in the US has just been fired.

kimbowa 2176 days ago

They should check out this Map of Tasmania - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B8omCWBl8s

_robcastro 2176 days ago

Tassie will be getting a big boost in tourism

greenspace01 2176 days ago

hey, at least they didn't show Australia in Central Europe :-P

GordyPls 2176 days ago

I think they've conflated Queensland with Queenstown?

peregrinari7 2176 days ago

Mixing up Queenstown with Queensland is almost forgivable, but it's still very sloppy production

winecountrydog 2176 days ago

omd! was right: the cyclone did blow Queensland to Tasmania! ^-^ #TCYasi

SleeplessNights 2176 days ago

At least Tassie wasn't cut off the map this time? Definitely not hot enough down here to be QLD.

100sofbuttons 2176 days ago

That's a bit like labelling 'Texas' with a pointer to Hawaii!