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New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky,

Yup, that's me tweeting from Tahrir today.

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1911 days ago

Yup, that's me tweeting from Tahrir today.


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drmilfort 1910 days ago

Thank you. I admire you.

elizabethrose6 1911 days ago

Thank you for your reporting. My students and I are following this daily. They are intrigued and surprised at young people organizing this movement. We are so sad today to see the attacks...feeling helpless.

LouSanJoseDubai 1911 days ago

Thanks! If it were'nt for all you "unconfortable" journalists we wouldn't know what's happening.Egypt needs the world to be witnesses

dak126 1911 days ago

You and the other journalists are doing a remarkable job. Thanks for your updates and stay safe!

SiodenesseL 1911 days ago

Wow,tension is evident

atthecottage 1911 days ago

Thank you for keeping us informed and getting the truth out. Thanks to all the journalists.

LordFerdinand 1911 days ago

Thank you Nick. Be safe!

ytra1n 1911 days ago

Thank u nick, for bearing witness

mgmoulton 1911 days ago

Hope this is not repeat of Tianamin. Keep giving voice to protestors. Stay safe.

ChineseV 1911 days ago

It's reading from China!

dfager 1911 days ago

I have been reading your Tweets and i love what you say

veml 1911 days ago

Is it safe to be on the street?

plagerize 1911 days ago

dear Mr.Kristof words can't express my admiration for yr work. god bless!

Little_Lotte 1911 days ago

Stay safe and thank you for risking everything to share the truth for the people of Egypt!

jLundr 1911 days ago

Thank you very much for risking it all to get the truth out of Tahrir.

kwyland 1911 days ago

Been following you all week. Glad you are safe and able to get some of the word out :)

mattscharp 1911 days ago

Keep it up your reporting has been invaluable, and your insights are helping me inform many others

belasio 1911 days ago

Is it possible that fear is going people back and want to give a chance to Mubarak?

allasone66 1911 days ago

thank you for your efforts .•♥•.¸¸.•♥•

ijattala 1911 days ago

Good luck Nick, stay safe, we are rooting for you....