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1916 days ago


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leahrhdsl7 1686 days ago

Absolutely Beautiful !!!

palmofhand 1816 days ago

It does get cold in Ft. Worth..??!! Like to see it when it is flowing..:)

7770333 1817 days ago

"Just....AWESOME!" I can dive right into it! "The Continual Flow Of Purification!" Artistically...I would love to put on canvas...a challenge!

fatherskid 1914 days ago

Breathtakingly, beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!

donnaBnicholson 1914 days ago

Now that's a waterfall! Amazing

trudiloum 1914 days ago

Awesome! Welcome to the world of 'winter wonderland' that we northerners have a love/hate relationship with! Except we don't have that wonderful waterfall in our wonderland....lol

sophiavshem 1915 days ago

Wow~Its Awesome~Love It~So Beautiful~LongTo BeThereTo HearSound~ Thank you~ Greatful For Sharing.

psalm11824 1916 days ago

What a gorgeous waterfall... thank you for sharing...

theheatson 1916 days ago

This Waterfall: inspired in HONOLULU Hilton'10. B found Dr.Mike's Place taken in TwitterPic.Summer 2010..Nice day for HOT-Chocolate, Hot TUB & Fire Place! Looks like Banff, Alberta Cda!

bringvictory 1916 days ago

Beautiful,I love Falls & The Sound, Reminds you of River Of Life, look in mirror reflexion

vivianaleigh 1916 days ago

Breathtaking!!! Want to be right exactly there!

RoseSlager 1916 days ago

One of the secrets on life is keeping those u love in a hugging distance...how fortunate is anJo ;) ...

ConniesDream914 1916 days ago

Where is it and what is at the bottom? It looks like a hot tub the size of a small swimmin pool?

ConniesDream914 1916 days ago

This is Beautiful I am sure it is wonderfully peaceful when it is flowing without ice. also.

pattyann33 1916 days ago

Incredible !! You don't see that in Florida !!

JehovahShamah 1916 days ago

WOW Wonderful! Ps.23:2 He Leads Me Beside The Still & Resful Waters & Rev. 7:17
He Will Guide Them To The Springs Of The Water Of Life: & God Will Wipe Away Every Tear From Their Eyes &Song Of Solomon 6:3

rachelopperman 1916 days ago

A picture all frozen in place but with hidden movement...so beautiful...thank you for sharing.

omegax20xx 1916 days ago

I think that when it meltdown will be even more wonderful! Thats for sure!

Charsloan1 1916 days ago

That is beautiful, is that normally a hot spring? Love it, georgeous!

ClosestProtege 1916 days ago