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N.O.M. hotlinked a comic of mine. That was a mistake.

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2086 days ago

N.O.M. hotlinked a comic of mine. That was a mistake.


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noahdent 2083 days ago

Brilliant. Well done!

Itsnotversayce 2084 days ago

Love this.

SmileJersey 2084 days ago

thank you :)

sarcasmcupcakes 2085 days ago

So much <3.

vlb 2085 days ago

Oh, I dunno. Doesn't look like a mistake to me. :-)

cattyandco 2085 days ago

Outstanding, sir. Well done! :)

classycowboy 2085 days ago

GREAT JOB! Thank you for standing up for equality!!

nederoth 2085 days ago

You're made of awesome. Thank you.

blademaiden 2085 days ago

Well played, good sir. Well played.

Kidpinkers 2085 days ago

Well done SMBC!

NoHopeForHuman 2085 days ago

They've since replaced the hotlink with their own copy of the original. Better get on this...

johnphilliplay 2086 days ago

That is so AWESOME!

amurana 2086 days ago


Aquilix 2086 days ago

Most excellent

KriegsaffeNo9 2086 days ago

Fist bumps all around.

ohratz 2086 days ago

Ourstanding! LOL

Tom 2086 days ago

They've fixed it. Please send a DMCA takedown notice to their ISP.

ACCIDENTALDIVA 2086 days ago

You rock for that!!

Bieeanda 2086 days ago

I used to think that gay porn was the best jab at hotlinking jerks. This? This is just perfect.

delightfulbunny 2086 days ago

So is anyone going to start the slow clap, or shall I?