Rascal Flatts


The band Rascal Flatts consists of cousins Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus, plus pal Joe Don Rooney.

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2130 days ago


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jimrileymusic 2125 days ago

What is, Glove and Skate dryer....I'll take "giant birds" for $100, Alex........

sweetgapeach101 2129 days ago

Whoever said its used for hockey is right! Hockey players use it b/w periods to dry their gloves

CassieLeeMurray 2129 days ago

a hair blower! haha LOVE ALL OF YOU<3

JillyBeans06 2130 days ago

It's the ultimate beer fountain! Someone could have just been really bored too :p

dks7608 2130 days ago

Marshmallow Shooter - State of the art - food, fun, and ballistics in perfect harmony.

iG_Jessy 2130 days ago

I'll just say... some kind of modern art?? xD

ro_renee1 2130 days ago

a mans wildest dream machine

ro_renee1 2130 days ago

when anyone finds out please tweet me the answer i need to know ty

ro_renee1 2130 days ago

that must be some tall cows

tyount00 2130 days ago

It's a cow milker!!!! ; )

ro_renee1 2130 days ago

my answer a man made 16 men piss off contest machine did i get lmao

kannlux 2130 days ago

Hockey players use it to dry out the inside of their hockey gloves.

Karenlf300 2130 days ago

I'd say a smoke blower for the stage...

_FeelinAlive_ 2130 days ago

I know what it is !!!
It's weird, that's what it is xD
LoL !!!

hurricanekat 2130 days ago

Something for an air conditioning unit? Maybe? It looks pretty weird.

AllTimePensFan 2130 days ago

I feel like things should be fired from all those tubes. Looks like something at a batting cage lol

LacyLeanne 2130 days ago

Somebody beat the frat boys in creating the ultimate bong!

alfetello 2130 days ago

giant bong???

rkal88 2130 days ago

Looks like something the Blue Man Group uses.

btim53 2130 days ago

What is that thing.