Greg Grunberg


Love Bites(NBC) Group Sex(iTunes), Ex-Hero, Plt Oceanic 815, Inventor of FREE APP Yowza!!,,, Ex-CIA, Ex-Blumberg, Kirk's StepDad.

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1922 days ago


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Diva_Luscious_B 1847 days ago

i know what it is, and it is good. stop with the food. people hate me so much, cus i eat sooooo dama much and not gain a pound, i blot and then fart. LOl sorry, i had to say it.

Danielle_E_D 1912 days ago

that looks...different

echoue 1914 days ago

banana... Brazil :9

Joltrast 1916 days ago

I am so homesick now.. damn you :oP

carmela05 1916 days ago

mmm... yummy? :S

PBMom 1919 days ago

Where is the protein?

hey_mayonegg 1920 days ago


iluchox 1920 days ago

Bananas help to your big belly Grunny... so... that's OK

Brainlock72 1921 days ago

no waffles?

LilFlyergirl 1921 days ago

I could go for some oatmeal! Looked yummy!

AthenasDaughter 1921 days ago

Ooooo...yummers. Just don't forget to add some protein! :D vanilla soy milk perhaps...? Mmmm

SaxonJus 1921 days ago

ooh please no! I dislike bananas! Like the idea of rice pudding and sultanas! Not really fan of breakfast save for on Holidays!

A5J4DX 1922 days ago

hmm bananas look good im going to go get myself one now :P

Katsulla 1922 days ago

where's the meat part???protien got left where's the beef??

anthonyds 1922 days ago

looks nice i want one now

Slim2447 1922 days ago

Looks good

Majkinja 1922 days ago

I eat that kind of stuff, it tastes great and the banana is the little extra.

Slyjester 1922 days ago

*Deep Sigh* I want the "star treatment".

edierubinson 1922 days ago

breakfast of heros

bueeeman01 1922 days ago

what kind of a breakfast is that???? wheres the bacon mmmmmm BACON!!!!!!!!!!