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Here's Nawal el-Saddawi, famed women's leader. She's 80-but told me she will sleep in #Tahrir.

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1998 days ago

Here's Nawal el-Saddawi, famed women's leader. She's 80-but told me she will sleep in #Tahrir.


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ILUVLIT 1981 days ago

I hate that woman. She's a psycho!! Let her sleep in the toilet for all I care.

gsengal1973 1998 days ago

to all the heroes standing next to Nwal the statue of Egyptian and all women of the world, don't despair, don't leave meidan altahrir, if you do, they will start collecting you from your houses one at a time, it wont take them a week to do so. I wish I wa

TheFreeHumanist 1998 days ago

Freedom has many faces, people need to know that.

sp_pankazg 1998 days ago


anonymous4890 1998 days ago

Hats off!!

shadien 1998 days ago

Nawal you have our love and admiration #iranelection #Egypt

LordFerdinand 1998 days ago

Dear Nawal el-Saddawi, thank you!

Peta_de_Aztlan 1998 days ago

Power to our Elders. Here is a great example of being alive at 80-years!

MissMo8 1998 days ago

be safe and take care of one another!

isergani 1998 days ago

She have a great mind

BrindisMom 1998 days ago

If there are Bodhisattvas in the world, she's got to be one. You can see it on her face and the faces of those around her.

Eelkonio 1998 days ago

I saw her on TV. A spirited lady who knows the world. She reminded me of Nelson Mandela.

spsot 1998 days ago

What a lady. What an inspiration.

CB949 1998 days ago

What a great photo of an inspiring woman. Through her eyes we can see the courageous determination in her soul.

paulamoore 1998 days ago


thirdeyefell 1998 days ago

in the end, life hangs in a delicate balance, and as we see now, at the mercy of really powerful egos. may the egos of the community leaders and healers, such as this lovely woman, sustain and continue to provide courage and comfort to their people! ♥

nofrontera 1998 days ago

que buena idea !

Bluzette 1998 days ago

Thank you, NK, for this beautiful pic-- mad props to the brave and resolute people of Egypt.

bostonfilmvideo 1998 days ago

her eyes are kind but determined. may she inspire others to not give up. Egypt's time has come.

couchlearner 1998 days ago

Thanks for posting this inspiring and beautiful image.