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DRUM ROLL snowy house in KANSASS......

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1757 days ago

DRUM ROLL snowy house in KANSASS......


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ShadySadie2 1728 days ago


juju01793 1744 days ago

Gorgeous..but.., what!!".. no snow fairy's in the

Melvasdaughter 1748 days ago

Your new home looks like the house tht Rhett Butler built for Scarlett in Gone With the Wind! Congratultions! Scarlett- "Prissy, we sure is rich now" !!!!

abutler65 1753 days ago

Love your house! On my daily jogging route!

arslanmnr 1756 days ago

its beautiful, just like dream land

hunterxf382 1756 days ago

Stunning house - worth waiting to see I might ;)

AnnMarijka 1756 days ago

Very beautiful. Looks like something you'd find on Ward Parkway. I know you know where that is.

iluvmreks 1757 days ago

I used to work there when it was a B & B, even met you while you were staying there. Still a beautiful home.

anitadyck 1757 days ago

gonna take a picture of the snow here in canada, you would love it! my trailer is almost buried!

RadiumX 1757 days ago

Rumor has it that house is Haunted? if so that would be so cool.looks like it was built in the 30s

tammyisfunny 1757 days ago

OMG FML seriously!! you deserve this! this is what you get for being talented and smart!

mtararegan 1757 days ago

Silly kirstie that's not a house- that's a mansion! Love it..but who took a pic of your snowy house and sent it to you?? Aren't you in LA?

Brandi228 1757 days ago

I so love the house! ( : Love you Kirstie!! When is big life coming back!! Boom chickadee

ocsocalgrl4evr 1757 days ago

Gorgeous!! Loving the snow here in WichiSHITTY. Lol. Love the change of seasons, but can't seem to get used to living out here from sunny so Calif!

MrsRiceT 1757 days ago

This is why I moved to FL! Pretty to look @ but too cold to be in! I got to visit ICT during a warm week!

LShalottCamelot 1757 days ago

If Camelot had snow that lasted all winter.. :)

thebravo_ 1757 days ago

Not trying to be a creep but i live a few blocks away from you miss kirstie! Beautiful house

Michaeldholman 1757 days ago

Need a roomate?

DoggieMommy2 1757 days ago

Gorgeous....big tooo..lucky

LolettaLloyd 1757 days ago

wow, Beautiful!