Chris Daughtry


Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

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2714 days ago


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alika72 2486 days ago

Finally he is lovin' the camera...LOL!!!

micheleangelia 2707 days ago

There's one of the famous Steely poses I miss SO much!!

kfdberry 2713 days ago

OMG - these pictures make me miss being at a Daughtry concert even more!!!

NanaGayle23 2713 days ago


kimmycoop910 2714 days ago

Lovin the pics! Ditto the VIP - what an AMAZING experience! Can't wait to see you guys LIVE again! WE MISS YOU!!!

JudyC_inOhio 2714 days ago

Nice pic Steely. Def in the zone. Luv it. I soo remember your hug. Was great!! Hope you guys do VIP again!!

HoldinMyHorsies 2714 days ago

These pics make me so excited! ROCK ON STEELY!

jodiracanati 2714 days ago

Go Steely
You Rock

JojoRigby 2714 days ago


karebear1212 2714 days ago

dude IT LOOKS LIKE HES LOOKING AT POO ON THE CEILING.. wheres the poo??? wheres the poo? thinking its going on fall on his head.. ha ha

DebBee80 2714 days ago

Ha! I love it! Live IN the music...

CattLondon 2714 days ago

awe...Steely!! You ROOOCK!!

DETCoverGirlMOM 2714 days ago

Steely is f**kin hot!

cat_alack 2714 days ago

feel it steely feel it!!!!!Love the shirt as well:):)

annieluvsmusic 2714 days ago

HOLY CRAP he looks HOT! What tha?

deannagg 2714 days ago

Dayum baby! Play it!

_VickyC_ 2714 days ago