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I am an activist, author, journalist and mother. I consider myself a work in progress. My mission: to inspire and empower people to be Architects of Change.

Some great conversations about the power of poetry. Have words ever changed your world?

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2001 days ago

Some great conversations about the power of poetry. Have words ever changed your world?


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gallexie 1995 days ago


ThankingOfYou 2000 days ago

The lasting, positive effect of former teachers' words inspired me to create

schwarmanoj 2000 days ago

Hmmm not so Madam !!!!!

JJ81857 2000 days ago

The Profit by Kahlil Gibran On Joy and Sorrow helped me get through it.

JJ81857 2000 days ago

When I was 17, my best friend and my boyfriend fell off of a waterfall and died. I was given THE PROFIT

banana_the_poet 2000 days ago

When my home burned & I despaired I was sustained by the love of people who knew me through my poetry

Faiyysal 2001 days ago

Poetry has a power like magic specially when it is concencentrated, but according to our life now complicated age with new technology and highly qualified communication the power of word got less effect.

CherokeeMommy 2001 days ago

"Thanatopsis" by Wm Cullen Bryant; "Drying Their Wings" by Vachel Lindsey; "Pippa's Song" by Robert Browning: learned in grade school, almost a roadmap for living one's life. Of course we learned The Song of Solomon from the Bible, which is very beautiful

danielstthomas 2001 days ago

Words are powerful. Poetry makes words even stronger.

Alicegal 2001 days ago

I think maybe "The House With Nobody In It" by Joyce Kilmer taught me to think in metaphors. (Does that make any sense?) Learned it in 5th grade and am now 75 and can still recite it.

chris07031987 2001 days ago

You can do a lot with words, they are powerful. The right words transform lives