Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

In "Zombies of the Stratosphere". 1952.That's me on the left. LLAP

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1999 days ago

In "Zombies of the Stratosphere". 1952.That's me on the left. LLAP


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aRBrujo 1478 days ago

these are awesome!

MarvZwordZ 1607 days ago

Wow! I thought that actor was a Black person. The coloring is Well done, I have not seen this one. I think I may do so just to say I have. Sad I wont see you in STLV. But I will catch your Photo Gallery Shows, and I wont talk Trek Either ;-)

Thedocbot 1730 days ago

Keeping it real!;)

brentrjones 1921 days ago

Love it. Just love it. How many films before this for LN?

Smartiecats 1966 days ago

Other than the chin, there's no correlation between Spock and the Zombie. :) How fun!

clever_october 1980 days ago

Looks like fun.

ShiShinka 1989 days ago

Can´t believe it´s you.. hmm

rfrendreiss 1989 days ago

I have an old picture of you dressed as Spock and signed by you. My uncle had it, not sure of age

TuesdayPainter 1990 days ago

I watched Commando Cody on WPIX (Capt. Jack McCarthy or Off. Joe Bolton's show.) Loved it (then.)

brunningvm 1990 days ago

looks like zombies get all their electronic stuff and chairs from garage sales? i'm just sayin...

JerryVO 1992 days ago

Hard to believe your dad was cutting my hair then.

Ailora 1992 days ago

:D Looks like you got rapped on the nose!

oyboh 1993 days ago

eek! y'all look like klingons! been trying to find zots but doesn't show up in researchs....txs!

blondie1952 1996 days ago

What a great photo! In fact, taken during a VERY SPECIAL year! OOPS, guess that gives away my age! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

angelguide1 1997 days ago

Where are your funny ears?only joking!!!you look like a Zombie!!!!

irlandesaslp 1998 days ago

Real retro! Did your Zombie have name?

IJGol 1999 days ago

Zombies are popular now. "Zombies of the Stratosphere: The Motion Picture", Leonard?

AGlassDarkly 1999 days ago

Very interesting! Watched City on the Edge of Forever tonight, it always brings tears to my eyes!

Jedi_Roara 1999 days ago

this I gotta see!

BorisKitty 1999 days ago

gotta find this on DVD if available.