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New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky,

I shot this photo of the truly young generation on Tahrir Square.

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2176 days ago

I shot this photo of the truly young generation on Tahrir Square.


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mahafreed 2175 days ago


zpaktabteva 2175 days ago

Will the USA demand Democracy for Saudi Arabia too, or Kuwait, or Oman...I doubt it very much

msbenedict 2176 days ago

The true legacy of Nasser is an inefficient agriculture, hi dependence on imports, subsidies etc.. the true recipe for social disaster..and no gov bold enough to chg this

DareenXoo 2176 days ago

I hope he grows to a free and beautiful Egypt

wantmeornot 2176 days ago

They must really trust in the forbearance of the military to have a baby out there.

mjerskey 2176 days ago


psylinx 2176 days ago

Don't you wish that, that little child understood the significance of this? LET FREEDOM RING!

osm1987 2176 days ago

Yes. Really it's enough

kimodibo 2176 days ago

I hope you have a better future in democratic Country, May God bless Egypt.

aasafali 2176 days ago

The child is so innocent!! For our future generations let's be united!!REVOLUTION is the solution!

AlyzabethM 2176 days ago

Aww, I hope he has a very good and free life ahead of him.

marvwilkenfeld 2176 days ago

This innocent child deserves to live in a true democracy.

Mollybad 2176 days ago

Uh, U all do know baby didn't write that, don't U? :-) Seriously, what R chances new gov. will be moderate?

samisaidali 2176 days ago

Protest from the pram.. Mubarak, u better go...

dave_the_barber 2176 days ago

Obviously this child's parents are not expecting violence.

To what extent are the reports of looting and violence overblown, Kris? As a percentage of the entire crown, how many are looting in your estimation?

sharkie78 2176 days ago

if this baby has already had enough, imagine how the people who have endured 30 years feel...

kohyu1952 2176 days ago

This is not a propaganda fabricated good shot as not same as the artickles about Japan you wrote

Futuresomethin 2176 days ago

xD xD

wggoodness 2176 days ago

The road to the future is being paved for you today, beautiful child!

DameJooliya 2176 days ago

oh dear lord......