Charles Louboutin


#thinkRED #screamRED #thinkREDworldwide #theREDalbum #killHIVdontLETitKILLyou Purp & Patron

Purp & Patron did it mama.... Me & @avanterose on the counter @ 7-11

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1919 days ago

Purp & Patron did it mama.... Me & on the counter @ 7-11


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imani10056 1848 days ago

is da shit lov it 24 7

Ms_Chizzy 1904 days ago

BAhAAHA that guy is stoked right now. Y'all funnnneey.

KooSwagg23 1905 days ago

LMAO...YAll Niggaz is Clownin...!!

9723996636 1908 days ago

game you is sexy lil daddy can i fuck you boo

marshmallowdeli 1909 days ago


ThaFreeBird 1915 days ago

It's Okay (One Purp')

msAvalonWright 1919 days ago

bood gang pop star

Last1Survived 1919 days ago

xaxa nice pic ;D

Chunkc85 1919 days ago

hahaha straight posted!

IAm_0fficial 1919 days ago

dope pic but i cant help but notice the tabloid magazine sayin regis dying wtf tabloids are jokes lol.

Azra_C 1919 days ago

purp polo shirt ;)

lisetar 1919 days ago

Doudou c'est toi le patron mon amour si tu est fidèle a moi je veut qu'on vive au Maroc

its_kid_crazy 1919 days ago

real nigga do they shit big like game

JaddyN 1919 days ago

Hahha, The nigga A.R & Game, Aka, Troublemakers

NeMiDrEmInstruz 1919 days ago

Hah crazy

nomier23 1919 days ago

thats my uncle on the right lmao jk

CalizKushSeason 1919 days ago

haahaa he tripin.

ImJustDanni 1919 days ago

oh lawd Regis is dying? =(

LickleBritChick 1919 days ago

I wish ud hury up an not b so sexy lukin!life be easier lol

ImperfectBfly 1919 days ago

lol, niceeeeeee !!!!