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While you wait for #FirstStrike, check this #CODBlackOps infographic out; 1.1 Trillion shots fired!

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1939 days ago

While you wait for #FirstStrike, check this #CODBlackOps infographic out; 1.1 Trillion shots fired!


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BailLoescherq 1912 days ago

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Scytherz_mG 1916 days ago

Awesome graphic, just goes to show how much the ending killstreaks suck in comparison to the downed air

sonnyWHAT 1933 days ago

Can only the devs see this ? Or can anyone ?

jerrymannel 1933 days ago

This is what i call stats ... :)

fmyasitch 1938 days ago

the statistics rock and the presentation of the statistics rocks!! awesome <3 treyarch

WesleyDanger 1938 days ago

I wonder what the collective accuracy of those 1.1 trillion shots is?

RealDeathhiro 1938 days ago

I Love Mw2 Way more than Black Ops =/

doeboy742 1939 days ago

I love this black ops shizz. Keep up the good work treyarch.<gt>(xxwhy u hatinxx)

RealMiKeFO 1939 days ago

u suck cock josh

Elianora 1939 days ago

In other news, this is awesome, I'd love it as a wallpaper for my desktop

Elianora 1939 days ago


zurikihigh 1939 days ago

I love the tracking of stats............Tis y Black-Ops beats MW2/IW AT COD GOTTA LOVE Treyarch

NirdBerd 1939 days ago

The numbers... :O Now this is what you call stats!