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New Motorola Xoom Tablet, dark in my room so it's to see

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1578 days ago

New Motorola Xoom Tablet, dark in my room so it's to see


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Gomezl 1577 days ago

that looks sick...

LanceEato 1578 days ago

I gotta have one of those

Racoutyah 1578 days ago

How cool is that,......have fun with it.

DeBeech 1578 days ago

Yo Esteban, you should be testing out a new QB instead of a tablet.

Romeishome2 1578 days ago

Saw this pic and subsequent article on Engadget first...I hear the Xoom is "like that". It's cool Motorola sent it to u. If I get a tablet this will be it.

Treasure72 1578 days ago

How's its performance? Do you like it? (Weighing my options.)

Kelz819 1578 days ago

Is this out or are u just testing it?

anasedreesi 1578 days ago

seems very powerful, high res screen

JLopezAztek 1578 days ago

is this Moto Xoom out yet? When did U get it ??

katiemakrides 1578 days ago

Awesome, it looks the same as the ipad.

cocoamamacita 1578 days ago


cocoamamacita 1578 days ago


cocoamamacita 1578 days ago


hdub32 1578 days ago

Make a video of it

OfficialEdgar 1578 days ago

the Ipad 2 will outperform this

Sindbad06 1578 days ago

I want one....hook me Ocho

mikaboo24 1578 days ago


brandyjo21 1578 days ago

i was hoping to see my picture in your picture , im not on there, so this doesnt interest me lol

AsheLea_J 1578 days ago

I like :)

supraman1z 1578 days ago

Notion Ink Adam Tablet (aka Best tablet out) -- Btw, is Chad JOHNSON going to do product reviews?