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Ladies and Gentlemen, Rick Ankiel's mustache

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1978 days ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rick Ankiel's mustache


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seanberger 1952 days ago

it defeats burt reynolds attempts @ cop stache.

SFGIANTS_FAN 1968 days ago


Mr. Ricks' mustache is shaped like a "an upside letter W."

abefromen 1978 days ago

Byrnes did say it's the year of the stache, Im just not sure he had this in mind

clintonsanford 1978 days ago

He hit a homer with it! Can't really knock it if it's working!

mroddjobs831 1978 days ago

zito great post

ChipTater 1978 days ago

Ravishing Rick Rude thinks that is a tight stash!

BHarsh 1978 days ago

Hey Rick, Kent called.... He wants the stash back.. he's down in Chatsworth trying out for his new gig...

BHarsh 1978 days ago

Waaa Wa Chicka Chicka Waaaa Waaaaaa.....

JoshSamBob 1978 days ago

Ankiel's mustache looks like Giambi, Jr.

zoeofthefuture 1978 days ago

Mets walked him today after he hit a homer... I think they were scared of the mustache. GO CARDS!

cs_foodie 1978 days ago

that's a powerstash, you all fear it.

JaredIsham 1978 days ago

Lest we forget Rollie Fingers

phaymuz 1978 days ago

That one is good but Giambi's was better. My bad rick.

xxtrisarahtops 1978 days ago

who wants a mustache ride?

paullymans 1978 days ago

Stay classy St. Louis.

ryanpferguson 1978 days ago

O please tell me yours is on the way. That would equal guaranteed world series championship.

ocantstopit 1978 days ago

Please tell me this won't be the new trend!

LoResViscera 1978 days ago

"Looks like his face is having a real hard time holding it up"

Edwardnet 1978 days ago

Is that Keith Hernandez brother?!!

ozzieisthe1 1978 days ago

that stache is fierce and epic