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RE-TWEET THIS @asherroth tweets. He deleted his other ones.

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2622 days ago

RE-TWEET THIS tweets. He deleted his other ones.


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DeeDeePie 2612 days ago

to handle it then don't listen to it, ignore it, and don't bitch about it. It's much easier and so much less annoying.

DeeDeePie 2612 days ago

Wow! doesn't the "end of racism" mean that anyone can say what they want when they want? What if a black rapper had said that? No one would care. This is bullshit. He mada a joke and people are freakin out about it. If you're too thin skinned to handle i

priestforever 2620 days ago

This is what happens when you let people get away with something. Imus didn't get spanked so now Asher thinks its funny to repeat it. Either take him to task or learn to love it. I wont be playing his music tho.

raychuull 2620 days ago

okay. he didnt mean it, get over it. asher jokes a lot and he didnt mean it in a bad way. if you look above he said that hes sorry and didnt mean it. god, dont take everything so seriously. calm the fuck down .

veasy 2621 days ago

people need to get to know people of other races to learn whats offensive and whats cool to say. Thats all.

onlyswallow 2621 days ago

lol everyone needs to calm down. who cares, its just a joke. there are more important things in the world to worry about.

Sleaze 2622 days ago

Black folks wake up please!

DAjooboy 2622 days ago

THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL. asher roth is just a kid who makes jokes sometimes. you can't blow up on him over THIS. in his songs he bashes racism so clearly he isn't racist. his publicist most likely made him make that last apology to avoid all of this stuff

JulianObubo 2622 days ago

Ouch, I guess dude needs an education on racial slurs, but I don't think it's career ending

_peech 2622 days ago

would u give a SHIT if it was on or ? nope, you wouldn't. *smfh*

LoveAQ 2622 days ago


ggriff0510 2622 days ago

It was a joke don't start this shit. smh @ people always lookin for a reason.

mytwigga 2622 days ago

Who cares!?!?

FreestylezofG1 2622 days ago

damn...3 days after yo debut album...u want publicity but not this kind! lol

cutemama007 2622 days ago

heavens to besty! smh

Sleaze 2622 days ago

asher is a puss. another hip-hop con artist. what a douche...

ESTxx91 2622 days ago

Oh yeah. I saw that. You bloggers are serious about hawking people. That's why I keep my mouth shut on here.

TiaVsYoMama 2622 days ago

he claims it was hacked but we will never really no...i am officially unfollowing him

SunriseSundown 2622 days ago