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@justinbieber loving #PURPLEGLASSESSWAG & gotta say im owning it ;) haha sooo psyched for #NEVERSAYNEVER3D #FEB11!

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2243 days ago

loving #PURPLEGLASSESSWAG & gotta say im owning it ;) haha sooo psyched for #NEVERSAYNEVER3D #FEB11!


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Paulinharm08 2221 days ago

I find that it would be different for me to live in another country! But it would be legal to know people new!

oliviacgo 2221 days ago

haha glad to help! justin is canadian btdubs....but its always good to know canada too!

Paulinharm08 2221 days ago

One day wanted to be able to know the United States, and is clearly, you and the Justin!

oliviacgo 2221 days ago

aww well i ADORE speaking with you too! hello from the usa!

Paulinharm08 2221 days ago

You are welcome! I live in Brazil and adore to speak with you!

oliviacgo 2221 days ago


Paulinharm08 2221 days ago

You are pretty in this photo!

oliviacgo 2221 days ago

thank you, beautiful :)

BiebersShare 2221 days ago

Your beautiful. (:

oliviacgo 2231 days ago

i love that scarf! peace, love, #purpleglasses...right? haha

DuuudeItsNeve 2231 days ago

i have that scarf.! :)

oliviacgo 2239 days ago

gotta love that #purpleglassesswag....ya know how i do ;) haha and thanks!

FriedCody 2239 days ago

i love your #purpleglasses.. i want them.. LOL

oliviacgo 2242 days ago

thank you!!!

Paige7172 2242 days ago

So prettyyyyy! :)

oliviacgo 2242 days ago

G-d youre incredibly kind <3 lets hope sees that smile in person someday and likes it too ;) haha

itsNaomiBieber 2242 days ago

haha of course not!! i really love ur smile is so pretty <3

oliviacgo 2242 days ago

thank you!! youre soo nice :) plus i thought this was kinda one of my bad smiles! hahaha

itsNaomiBieber 2242 days ago

aww u r so lucky! i like the purple glasses :/ well u look so beatiful <3 i love ur smile!!