Vegan atheist sex worker/pornographer who loves nerds, cats, food, travel, books, & science. Anti-feminist. I run a sex workers' rights 101 project at SWAAY.org

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jaildabanksters 1973 days ago

Excellent! Thank you.

polomex 1974 days ago


Boyhelm 1974 days ago

Genius! That completely cleared everything up for me, thanks :D

JohnitoBlog 1975 days ago

I meant of course

askabisexualguy 1975 days ago

NIIIIICE! I am usually too busy to even look outside my window. This answers all my questions.

marlboros05 1975 days ago

that is soooo cool! Thank you

amrelmouniery 1976 days ago

Thnx. i will hope to thank you on the new Egypt soon
so you Can walk Like Egyptians too

SusanJHale 1976 days ago

Thx! Beautiful! Apologies for our government, and all prayers and support for Egypt's people.

lynneNaranek 1976 days ago

excellent! Shared @ my blog today :) http://tinyurl.com/4jxxv8z