Actor and I was born from love of siam thx my all fans I love u

At the airportlink

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2211 days ago

At the airportlink


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misslafeida 1913 days ago

Your hair ... its funny

jalonmelody 1938 days ago

wow you are so cute and handsome do you know how speak tagalog i live in philipines davao city ilike and i mii you so much

IanBatocabe 2084 days ago

.hehe you are so handsome, matbe someday we're going to meet. :D

phannah143 2148 days ago

so handsome mario...!!!

Nickkiu 2149 days ago


eyecandyboy 2152 days ago

Jeez! You're so handsome. :"> :O

pinkphotograph 2157 days ago

your an angel in disguise. :D

pinkphotograph 2157 days ago

W-O-W. your not human! ♥

dprincessella 2158 days ago

why your too cute . cant help it i think im gonna die :) <33

david01230 2159 days ago

can help my self shouting out Loud saying Oh MARIO >.<

jaydaffy 2159 days ago

ur so cute......<3<3<3

wiwalovemario 2159 days ago

mario you the inspertion! i love you and love forever...!

itsmeANDZ 2161 days ago

ur so hot in that pic!!!!!!!!....nice one??

wiwalovemario 2163 days ago

ohoh! your so handsome. 哦!你很帅。 知道马?

muchlovekelly 2167 days ago

oh my!! cuteness!!!!!!!!! <3 waaaaaaaaaaaa

cleoLainne 2169 days ago

omg!!! so cute!! :">

FightingAgine 2170 days ago

Eeee, super cute!

ian_smiley13 2174 days ago

love much...cant breath...
huhuhu...need some OXYGEN...

nyleinar 2178 days ago

like i'm seeing daniel henney :')

ohohmarion 2178 days ago

sooo handsome : )