Pete Carroll


Seattle Seahawks head coach. Always Compete.

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2479 days ago


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GeneDaMachine 2376 days ago

BBP, is that a Apple notebook you're rocking? Guess if there's one coach cool enough to pull that off it's you! Fight on!

trojaneen 2478 days ago

Great POV shot. Can't wait for the Huddle tomorrow!

JP_Wright 2479 days ago

I think they're watching film, not playing Madden.
Good luck this year, Coach.
Excellent piece on 60 Minutes, by the way. My wife and I are big fans of yours (even though we've no other allegiance to USC).

uscfootblog 2479 days ago

nice one coach

Teresa_Elyse 2479 days ago

Via USC Alum who doesn't twitter, "My office looks just like that (without the TV, the SC stuff, the computer soundsyster, the decor, comfy chair, etc... -basically the drywall and the paint are identical!"

TheWestCoast 2479 days ago

Who's the guy in the bathrobe playing Madden?

RugsCarpets 2479 days ago

Coach - your are getting me hooked on Twitter - thanks for sharing. Fight On! USC 1988

kevindonahue 2479 days ago

Admit it. You sneak in time for NCAA Football playstation in between film reviews. ADMIT IT!

USCTrojans12 2479 days ago

AWESOME! Good job Coach!


hersk8er 2479 days ago

I can't wait for college football season to start I'm so excited!!!
Love Yah!

ReneeMorgan 2479 days ago

Cool. Can't wait for the season to begin. Fight On!

52Songs 2479 days ago


lopezc1 2479 days ago

Awesome! Can't wait for the season to begin. The whole country should be on the lookout. That includeds longhorns. This year we take no mercy.

SandiFitchHutt 2479 days ago

It works. Now, go check out Dane Cook's new iPhone application --- think of the possibilities for USC!

Soonermike 2479 days ago

Keep grindin' coach! Ur one of the greats!!

rjrebel75 2479 days ago

better be studying up on the Longhorns

marcieack 2479 days ago

Looks great, coach! Love the TV set-up!! GO USC!!

DaveP_Videoman 2479 days ago

The defensive coverage looks a little loose Coach Carrol! Better get on the guys for that!

Steadley 2479 days ago

nice office coach! keep up the good work can't wait till the season starts! Fight On!

rebel49er 2479 days ago

Cool picture coach. Can't wait for the season!!!