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Tall Jon threw water on Chelsea's vag and tush for not listening to his pitch

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2043 days ago

Tall Jon threw water on Chelsea's vag and tush for not listening to his pitch


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Nordine_DMC 1970 days ago

why did u wrote dis legend? All german readers are sexually disappointed by being taken from a "piss fantasy" to dat sad "water explanation" , can u let pple libido get freely where it wants?

dillinger24 1994 days ago

dood her eyes are so fucking gorgeous, tell her i said what up

philsback 2024 days ago

ill lick it up!

JohnBars 2024 days ago

looks like Ed Grimly

Brokenimages 2024 days ago

shes pretty hawt

majr415 2025 days ago

What if she ws listening to the Pitch, would she toss her Vag on his water to pay him back??

timkilgore 2025 days ago

Everyone thinks it's either pee or 'slurpitdown' juice but it's actually clear diarhea!

algancao 2034 days ago

Should be posted at

Adriel1819 2035 days ago

Who promised her a threesome with Matt Damon...?

mckayzoo 2040 days ago

Some peoples children....geez

washington23 2043 days ago

A new fetish has been born. Pee Pant Pictures.

Twakemaker 2043 days ago

"Chelsea's impression of the "blue steel" look"

imxing2 2043 days ago


gmoore24 2043 days ago

mmmmmm Chelsea's vag.

ZenGrouch 2043 days ago

hmm... Vanna White, VW, WV, Wet Vagina... *May I have a *P* please?*

MentalityMag 2043 days ago

She's just like the Vanna White, except instead of displaying glowing letters, Chelsea proudly reveals her soaked crotch and moist taint. . .

YumiFujii 2043 days ago

LOL. I did that to a well deserving skank once!

allgames 2043 days ago

My mothers name is Chelsea Vag

John_in_Boston 2043 days ago

I've left many a woman in my wake - wet in the loins

JamesGosnell 2043 days ago

Tall Jon might consider evolving his communication skills. Try "you hurt me when" statements. Also, I have that same blouse.