Brian Baumgartner


I am an actor. Kevin Malone is my hero. I was told to try Twitter....but it scares me.

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2742 days ago


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lovejimhalpert 2719 days ago

heyy, big big fan, i heard you give autographs to people if i send you one of me, is that true?? oh and loved the season finally, especially when you said "It's six six" then the ball hit you. good stuff, ohk byee

allison_herzog 2742 days ago

what a cute wrinkly dog!!!

LordPancreas 2742 days ago

Maybe he thinks it is a relative of the mouse and he is begging for forgiveness.

LGolanty 2742 days ago

With a face like that, he should get whatever he wants. Hee.

JuliaEveHays 2742 days ago

That's like giving a murderer a replica doll of their latest victim....maybe...

mrhowdoyoudo99 2742 days ago

They do say people pick dogs that look like them. So cute. If he could talk, I can hear him say..."Give me a doggie treat," in Kevins voice.

DaniCo216 2742 days ago

Awe! Too cute. Lucky doggy! I love that he is a better hunter than my cat; she thinks the mice in my apartment are toys for her amusement.

inertiauk 2742 days ago

Awww, so cute :)

clrumbaugh 2742 days ago

Wait, so... is that a Tennis ball with a squirrel tail? Because that would be hilarious. Awesomely adorable dog, btw :)

jtl2411 2742 days ago

that's funny.

Toby_Cat 2742 days ago

He was a cat in a former life.

JeremyRoyAdams 2742 days ago

How old is he?

JohnnyHolm 2742 days ago

He looks like a Merle.

amaditalks 2742 days ago

This dog requires snuggling. He is just too cute.

lynzers84 2742 days ago

he is just about the cutest freakin dog ever!

AlyzabethM 2742 days ago

He's such a cute, lovable little lug! I will not think less of him.