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President Obama on the phone with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in the Oval Office, VP Biden listens

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2181 days ago

President Obama on the phone with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in the Oval Office, VP Biden listens


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pifpafpouf2 2154 days ago

Obama is the best. Vous devriez participer à Carré Viiip, l'émission made in france de télé réalité : :):)

hosni123tt 2176 days ago

Obama is this the last plan to keep MMubabrak in power? You better rush the payed group will soon unite with the anti Mubarak group.

Rob022 2179 days ago

"America respects the right of all peaceful and law-abiding voices to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them. And we will welcome all elected, peaceful governments—provided they govern with respect for all their people." President Obama

hosni123tt 2179 days ago

Somebody responds to my question:
What if Mubarak drops dead from a natural reason; Is there a plan to replace him???

starmel3000 2179 days ago

@ hosni123tt Not a good idea for Egypt, huh!What if they will take Sinai Peninsula again as in 1967?

hosni123tt 2179 days ago

May be Israel can help and order
Mubarak to get out.

hosni123tt 2179 days ago

Terror in Egypt on the open ( out of the closet). What a scandal to the whole world. F16 airoplanes flying over the roofs of the homes, releasing all the criminals to the street. Is there anything else, will he burn the suez canal next.

hosni123tt 2179 days ago

Young and old in Egypt are now more insistant on ousting Mubarak. In the last 48 hours he proved that he can only use force. He may have given all the citizens a nervous breakdown; My parents, 84 and 76 years, are now insistant that Mubarak must go. The t

JudLW 2179 days ago

Just received message from Zagazig, Egypt. Protestors now angry at Obama for not ousting Mubarak. Tone is changing - US must act fast or face condemnation by protestors.

starmel3000 2179 days ago

Nothing dealt with Israel, man! It's an American game to replace more or less adequate leaders with Islamic extremists to expand Iraqi crisis all over Arabic East, to prevent their economical strength and unity.

s34567 2180 days ago

When deciding your foreign policies in the Middle East, it should be in the real interest of the USA, and not as dictated by Tel Aviv. As usual,we have to pay the price twice in blood and money to satisfy Tel Aviv. It is OUR blood and OUR money used for t

s34567 2180 days ago

About time we/you,rethink the lop sided foreign policy,before its too late.The dominos are falling.

wahwilliams12 2180 days ago

We are aware of the far reaching implications for secuirty in the region. I am sure that the US will seek to ensure that a leadership comes in place to maintain stability in the region

rkelly1948 2180 days ago

Stop sending us money to this guy!

OurMoviesUk 2180 days ago

Please Mr President,
Stop this Evil man!

s34567 2180 days ago

President Obama,
people here in the US are watching and getting new ideas. Mubarak is not worth the risk.

welmallah 2180 days ago

Please make a phone call to Hosni Moubark and tell him to leave. He is destroying the country by his presence.

Aliguul 2180 days ago


Aliguul 2180 days ago


s34567 2180 days ago

There is looting going on, men dressed up as civilians are entering the homes terrorizing the old and the young.