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Modern console game monster. Now we play these.

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2072 days ago

Modern console game monster. Now we play these.


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Chronomancer_1 2071 days ago

In my book I call it the PS360 :3, I WANT IT!!!

guiltius 2071 days ago

milton, this would be an epic house item *wink wink* but epic monster nontheless

TayyabArtist 2072 days ago

c'mon an xbox y not ps3?!

coolboypai 2072 days ago

awww...should have been something more classic like a NES. but im still gonna get this! now we need a tv moniter...

the_cyber_bully 2072 days ago

SIDE EFFECTS:1,000,000,000 EVIL GAMING SOULS WILL curse you really hard and download 1,000 games :)

AQWElderBrother 2072 days ago

Looks like someone is playing Call of Duty lately....

ZorkKnight 2072 days ago

It's... a... Cursed Xbox of Miltonius?

ManuDraco_AE 2072 days ago

Awesome !!! Nice

Rinma_AQW 2072 days ago

Makes me wanna play Arcade Mario again.

BurstGB 2072 days ago

playing halo recently milt

Indestry 2072 days ago

o_o Is there going to be a Pet version of this? :o

TrinDaSnivyNewb 2072 days ago

epic :)

Dalganoth 2072 days ago

make a futuristic one :P

EmeraldWizardAE 2072 days ago

lol Unless you're like my friend who has an old arcade machine in his basement haha