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Classic arcade game monster. These are what I played growing up.

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2187 days ago

Classic arcade game monster. These are what I played growing up.


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BioHaZaRd_AE 2172 days ago

Where is Miltonius?

PyrusBlaze 2187 days ago

This is a monster???

kapAQW 2187 days ago

looks like it's a male monster o__O

Dan217AE 2187 days ago

For an area?

guiltius 2187 days ago

Back n my day, we used 2 have REAL gameplay. We didn't have any of this fancy 3D stuff. lulz

Cabreirao 2187 days ago

Wow,I really Liked that monster ^_^

coolboypai 2187 days ago

so expected, yet still so awesome. im guessing it wont play minigames like in MQ....

kagaruto 2187 days ago

its a monster can't you people read.

GompaAE 2187 days ago

Cool, when I see this in the game I think I'll call it Pac-Man of Miltonius lolz

AQWElderBrother 2187 days ago

*Plays Tron and is sent to the grid*

nearoae 2187 days ago

/wants that for house and or pet.

Indestry 2187 days ago

FINISH HIM! Played that before I had to go in to the Dentist's office. At the Dentist's office.

petermcmuffin_ 2187 days ago

i miss pac-man :(

BurstGB 2187 days ago

lemme guess it shoots your coins at you if you die

ManuDraco_AE 2187 days ago


SoraToHoshi 2187 days ago

Me too! Loved paperboy.

AQXenosInfinity 2187 days ago

I'll go get some of those magic laser-shooting coins from AQ. Should make a decent offense.

TommyT94 2187 days ago

Classic ;D

EmeraldWizardAE 2187 days ago

Awesome milt! :D Loving it