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Kari, Tory! Look out behind you!! #fromset #Mythbusters

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2039 days ago

Kari, Tory! Look out behind you!! #fromset #Mythbusters


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BloodForcTrauma 2011 days ago

I absolutely love it when you take pictures fromset mythbusters! I get to see what I'm missing out.

78ruger 2016 days ago

This mythi is confirmed, cut outs cant run! haha

MarianoBryant 2039 days ago


Audio_C5005 2039 days ago

haha this cut out of Tory is going sell out quick!

AnnieBeck20 2039 days ago

Is there somewhere I can order that cutout of Tory for my living room?! HAHA great pic.

charleychibi 2039 days ago


cmacd92 2039 days ago

I am torn. I do, and yet VERY MUCH DO NOT want to know what's happening in this picture.

thehippiechick 2039 days ago

Awesome. LOL

Acewasmn 2039 days ago

its the GORN!

downhomesunset 2039 days ago

Tory's new stunt double?

GoAheadLily 2039 days ago

I love that THAT look on Tory's face is forever frozen in time.

Azn_Man_Down 2039 days ago

Gorn behind the blast shield must be afraid of the bamboo cannon.

pisumnux 2039 days ago

Tory's usually more three dimensional than this. Guess horror just isn't his thing.

KrisTheMiss 2039 days ago

i LOVE that shirt Kari has on, where did she get it?

ptmg30 2039 days ago

Why is the second gorn behind the blast shield?

sinenomine_cc 2039 days ago

Since Kari has a li'l baby, shouldn't that shirt read "SNORIN'"? She won't sleep for five years.

LaurelRich 2039 days ago


archer9234 2039 days ago

OMG! It's a Gorn,

RichardDDragon 2039 days ago

bet you wish you had some bamboo and diamonds right abou... or right, that myth was busted

ChaoticOrg 2039 days ago

The Step Ladder from Hell?